We simply make the best customized logo cups on the market. We cover the entire stainless steel cup in a glass-like coating, and “tattoos” the graphics from the surface all the way into the metal, resulting in a crisp, clear, and sophisticated appearance. We don’t use production robotics, feed-and-finish machinery, or blast them out of an industrial machine by the gillions.

CiC products are done entirely by hand, meticulously finished and provided with a level of pride and expertise that you just can’t get elsewhere. We’re not based on “fast cash production” but rather putting the Cups In Color name on exceptional pieces.

CiC products are presented as the best of craftsmanship with lasting durability and finishes.

The possibilities are limited only by your imagination!

Our products are great for:

  • Corporate custom logo cups

  • Corporate product branding

  • Tumblers for personal gifts

  • …use your imagination and we will make it happen

  • Special one-time events

  • Church visitor gifts

  • Charity fund raisers

  • Sporting events and organizations

  • Custom created artwork

  • Milestone tumblers

  • Non-profit organization logo tumblers

  • PicCups™ – “Picture Cups”. Trophies, Keepsakes, or for Fun, we love to set
    photographs into steel!